Returned Material Authorization (RMA) Procedures

No product may be returned to Ndustria without a Returned Material Authorization (“RMA”) requested in accordance with these
procedures and approved by Ndustria. The following are the RMA procedures:

  1. Permission to return product may also be achieved via telephone (716.551.7900) or e-mail ( Please
    be prepared to provide all information required (serial number of product, order/invoice #, part numbers/descriptions of
    product, and quantity). RMA # and authorization to return will not be given until all information is provided.
  2. Once authorization has been given, clearly write the RMA number on the return packing slip and on the outside of each
    package. Returning product without RMA number clearly visible on product may delay processing of a credit. We require
    that parts be returned thirty (30) days from date of RMA issue. Authorization will be withdrawn for any material not
    returned within that time. Authorization will be withdrawn, and goods will be returned at sender’s expense if RMA number
    is not provided on returned product.
  3. A packing list must accompany all equipment being returned specifically itemizing what is contained in the box, including
    part number and quantity.
  4. Returns must be shipped prepaid in original or equivalent packaging. The sender assumes responsibility for shipping and
    adequate packaging. Ndustria will not pay shipping charges on returned material. Sender must prepay freight and is
    responsible for all applicable customs, duty and brokerage charges.
    Ndustria will, at its discretion, repair and return or replace defective equipment covered under the terms of the warranty.
    Unauthorized debit memos and/or credits will not be accepted. The customer will be notified of this policy and a
    replacement will be shipped if the part is dispositioned as a warranty item.
    Any equipment outside the terms of warranty will be assessed by Ndustria. The customer will receive notification of
    necessary repairs or corrective action. The customer must, within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of said
    notification, provide written instructions to Ndustria regarding the repair or action they wish Ndustria to undertake. After
    the expiration of the thirty (30) day period, Ndustria reserves the right to unilaterally determine whether to discard said
    equipment or proceed with repairs or other corrective action, ship the equipment and bill the distributor accordingly.
  7. There will be a 25% restocking charge on all items approved for return for credit. Credit will be given for product only;
    shipping charges will not be credited.
  8. Ndustria reserves the right to refuse to issue RMA’s for any goods to which warranty does not apply including all
    misordered or excess goods.
    If any of the above procedures are not followed, Ndustria reserves the right to cancel the RMA, and return the material to the
    sender, freight collect, or discard the returned material.
    Returned Material Procedure
    If any goods are shipped to Ndustria without an RMA, including any goods not produced by Ndustria, Ndustria will have no
    responsibility for those goods. If Ndustria does not receive shipping instructions and payment of all anticipated expenses within ten
    (10) days of notice to the sender, Ndustria may at its option return the goods to the sender, freight collect, or discard the goods in
    question without any liability of Ndustria to sender.
    Ndustria will endeavor to achieve a maximum turnaround time of four (4) calendar weeks from the time of material receipt,
    providing that the sender has complied with RMA procedure.
    Ndustria will endeavor to expedite the RMA process in warranty situations where customers are without heat. In these instances,
    turnaround will endeavor to be accomplished in not more than one week of receipt of goods, providing that the customer has
    complied with RMA procedures. One week is defined as the time period between the receipts of goods to the delivery of the
    repaired goods to shipping.
    All time frames in evaluation and turnaround of products are estimates and not guaranties by Ndustria.
    All returned product to the shipped to the following address:
    1250 William St.
    Buffalo, NY 14206
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