Stay Safe. Stay Warm. Stay Open.

Infrared Heating is great for restaurants, bars, sports and music venues, wineries and other hospitality settings.

Restaurant Owners

If you run a restaurant, you know expanding seating options to outdoor patios is critical right now.

Whether you’ve got an open or covered patio or have added a dining tent, NDUSTRIA™ has a heating solution that  will keep your customers comfortable and coming back.

Special Winter Bundle

If the area you need to heat is roughly 20’ X 30’ and your ceiling height is at least 10’, get our special pre-configured bundle, featuring our most popular model the NDUSTRIA™ Outdoor Restaurant Heater HEV-100.

For a limited time just $3000 $2627

If your needs are different—no problem. We have many variations and can work with you or your contractor to find the right one.

Our Outdoor Infrared Heaters

  • Each heater warms 20 to 40 feet of floor space, whether covered patios, dining tents, or completely open-air.
  • Use energy efficient natural gas or propane.
  • Don’t tip over or obstruct food service. They’re mounted overhead on ceilings, building walls, even inside dining tents. They don’t require storage of potentially explosive canisters.
  • Easy, one-day install for a contractor.
  • Made in the USA and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. within five business days!
left set restaurant image
NDUSTRIA™ makes highly customizable solutions.

We have a special resource page for installers and contractors to offer specifications, worksheets, and ordering assistance. We make it easy to order online!

What’s the advantage of permanent infrared heaters over portable electric heaters or free-standing propane heaters?

We are pleased to help one Buffalo, NY restaurant offer outdoor dining—even in the snow!

“Light snow outside, heaters cranked on patio and very comfortable out here. Actually pretty cool watching the snow fall on patio with the heat on. Open all week at 11:30 for lunch, till 10 pm. 7 outdoor tv’s, lots of heaters, food, drinks and fun. “

Posted online 12/1/20

NDUSTRIA™ has the perfect technology for restaurants to extend their outdoor dining season due to COVID-19 indoor capacity concerns.